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Ancillary Services

Please be aware that there are many ancillary services on-site at 157 Scoresby Road. They include but are not limited to audiology, podiatry, physiotherapy, psychology, diabetes educator, dietitian, dentist, financial planning for seniors etc.


Allied Health Groups working out of the specialist suites -

Diabetes Educator - Anna Peters 8720 3600

Dietician - Farah El-Chami 1300 318 817

Speech Pathology - Sherry Metry 0433 814 084


Othes can be found via the MEHV website


Some services are listed on this site as they have asked that GPs receive this information about them. Others are welcome to follow suit.


Tender Living Care provides advice for “senior home seekers” i.e. placement in aged care facilities. GPs are regularly asked about this so easiest to refer them here or at least their website.



Melbourne Eastern HealthCare Village

157 Scoresby Road Boronia 3155

Phone: 9839 3300

Facsimilie: 9839 3374

Hearing/Balance Test Bulk Billed Hearing


Hearing Assessment BULK BILLED

Hearing tests are performed for all patients 9 months and older (for neonates see below right)
General assessment comprises: pure tone audiogram and/or visual reinforcement audiology tympanometry (middle ear function), speech, identify retrocochlear pathology).


Includes hearing test-Private & Pension (OHS) patients. DVA Gold Card

Educational Hearing Assessment / Screening*

(5-12 years of age) Includes hearing assessment, listening in, background noise (AFG) and Short Term Auditory Memory (STAM).i-Sense/Inspiron

Linking the teacher to child to enhance hearing in the classroom

Swim Plugs

typmanic membrane perforations or ventilation tubes.

Work/Musician’s Ear Plugs

Custom moulded sound reducing ear plugs.
Premium hearing protection. Reduce sound to a Musician

In Ear custom made speakers for superior sound quality.

Lisn-S. 6yrs and up

To assess auditory skills re difficulty listening and following speech esp. in classroom.

Tinnitus Preliminary Assessment

Tinnitus assessment includes: hearing assessment,

assessment of tinnitus, masking/suppression of tinnitus, and treatment options.

All Hearing Assessments BULK BILLED.
Phone to ask if a referral is required.
0-15yrs doctor/school/parent may refer.
*MEDICARE REBATES - available please ask


Neurotological Assessment:
Vestibular function assessment

Assessment of balance/otolithic function & may include:

a) Hearing Assessment*

b) ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response)*

Brainstem audiometry for assessment of retrocochlear pathology.
Useful in: asymmetric hearing loss, sudden hearing loss, balance disorders (eg. vestibular neuritis), vestibulo-cochlear neuropathies, trauma, tinnitus.

c) VEMP (Vestibular Evoked Myogenic* Potentials)

Assessment for otolithic function
Useful in: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), Ménières disease, semicircular canal dehiscence, vestibular nerve disorders (Ramsay-Hunt, vestibular neuritis and acoustic neuroma), Balance disorders, trauma, neck disorders

d) ECoG (Electrocochleography)*

Assessment for inner ear pathology by assessing endolymphatic pressure in both
cochlear & vestibular organs.
Useful in: Endolymphatic hydrops, Ménières disease, sudden hearing loss, balance disorders (labyrinthitis, vestibular neuritis), trauma, tinnitus.

e) Caloric / ENG* (Electronystagmography)

retrocochlear pathology.
Useful in: Endolymphatic hydrops, (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), labyrinthitis, vestibular neuritis. Aids in the separation of peripheral from central vestibulocochlear disorders, balance disorders, asymmetric hearing loss.

Neonatal Assessment ABR*
Assessment of Newborn-under 5 months when Apgar index < 6, a family history of congenital hearing loss, prenatal/perinatal/postnatal concerns, (prematurity or admission to special care nursery for longer than 48 hours).



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